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About Reverent Studios

Aaron Barnhart

Reverent Studios was created to cultivate a spirit of creation and collaboration in the Christian music community. From songwriting to recording, mixing to mastering, Reverent provides a space for artists to flourish in their faith and creative endeavors.


We provide a unique environment where artists can break away from their hectic lives and center themselves in God’s presence as they create works that honor Him.


Nestled in the West Salem Hills, the studio is a fully equipped recording space designed for solo artists and full band recordings. Whether you are looking to do a live album, full length studio album, or solo project; we have you covered.


Reverent also does special outdoor events in our beautiful and secluded woodland venue. We record and mix these live events to help foster a spirit of creative collaboration with Christian artists throughout the community.

We also specialize in songwriting and production. We want to help you realize your unique vision as an artist in a way that honors your talent and dedication to the Lord.

Snuggles from our french bulldog Gideon are free of charge.

Aaron is a professional musician and engineer with years of experience in the music industry. He has a passion for songwriting, performing, and production that is evident in all the work he creates.


Aaron holds a Master of Music from The University of Oregon and a Bachelor of Music from the Berklee College of Music. He went on to be signed to Universal Music Group’s Christian division where he released a full length album entitled “Missing Pieces”. After touring nationally, Aaron left the label and released two more Self Produced EPs under his own Label.


He has a wealth of experience as a touring musician, producer, and engineer. He has toured internationally with Grammy winning artists, as well as recording numerous bands and solo artists.

In 2015, Aaron and his wife Jillian left Los Angeles and moved to Salem OR. Aaron is a professor of worship arts and music industry at George Fox University, where he equips students to create art for the Kingdom!

Jillian Barnhart

Jillian Barnhart is a talented photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. She has experience in concert photography, photojournalism, editorial work and promotional material and website design.


She was a freelance photographer in Los Angeles working with directors, models, actors and musicians. Jillian can help with all of your multimedia needs.

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